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Maplins … Cheap Electrical Components - - Electricity UK - Electrical Safety UK - Dixons UK - Quality Electrical Direct - Toasters - CD Players - Maplin Elctronics - Widescreen LCD TV - UK Electrical Shops - HDTV Resolution - UK Electronics - Electrical Symbols UK - Slimline Dishwashers - Xbox 360 - Maplins Home Page - Electronics Online UK - Panasonic LCD TV UK - Toasters - Integrated Dishwasher - UK Online Electronics - Projection TVs - Maplin Computers - Sharp LCD TV - Self-Locking Cable Ties ( 100pk TieWrp 203/4.6 ) Self-locking cable ties for simple and quick binding of cables or components. Moulded in natural colour nylon, they are extremely strong and flame resistant to UL94V-2. Simply slip a tie-wrap around the bundle, thread up through head, pull tight and cut off. Available in six sizes in packs of 100. Dimensions in mm . Min TensileLengthMax dia.WidthStrength(mm )(mm )(mm )(kg)in packs of 100. ... Metallised D-Sub Hoods ( Metalise D Hood 25W ) Metallised D-Sub Hoods ( Metalise D Hood 25W ) Maplin, Maplins ... Copper-Clad Boards ( PCB F.Glass Lrg Sngl ) A range of copper-clad boards suitable for making your own printed-circuit boards.The following types and sizes are available:Single-sided SRBP:203 x 102mm (8 x 4in.) (Small single) (HX00A)254 x 152mm (10 x 6in.) (Medium single) (WF38R) 305 x 203mm (12 x 8in.) (Large single) (WF39N)Single-sided Fibreglass:203 x 102mm (8 x 4in.) (Small single) (HX01B)254 x 152mm (10 x 6in.) (Medium single) (WF40T)305 x 203mm (12 x 8in.) (Large single) (WF41U)Double-sided Fibreglass:254 x 152mm (10 x 6in.) (Medium double) (WF42V)305 x 203mm (12 x 8in.) (Large double) (FA59P) ... OEM 2.5in IDE Hard Drives ( B Grade 60GB 2.5in HardDrive ) · Ideal for lap-top upgrades· Available in various capacities ... Lithium Coin Cell Batteries ( CR1616 ) · Lithium manganese cells with a nominal voltage of 3V· For use where very low quiescent currents need to be maintained for very long periods with only occasional demands for high current drain Lithium manganese cells all having a nominal voltage of 3V. Suitable for use where very low quiescent currents need to be maintained for very long periods, with only occasional demands for high current drain. TypeDimensions (mm )NominalCapacitydia. x heightvoltagemax. (mAh)CR1220125 x 23V38CR161616 x 163V42CR162016 x 203V60CR201620 x 163V72CR202520 x 253V160CR203220 x 323V220CR2430245 x 33V280CR245024 x 3.03V- ... Sub-Miniature Wired Bulb ( 6V Submin Clear ) A clear, pre-wired sub-miniature bulb ideal for applications such as backlighting, etc. Available in 6V and 12V versions. Sub-Miniature Wired Bulb ( 6V Submin Clear ) Sub-Miniature Wired Bulb ( 6V Submin Clear ) Maplin, Maplins ... Maplins Online Sale | Maplins Electrical, UK.

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Maplins Online Shop: Now There's Even More of Maplins to Explore! …

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Maplins Website really does have something for everyone, and provides an incredible range of top-quality brand-names at low, low prices!
  • Buy wireless products from Linksys, D-Link, NETGEAR, TRENDware, Hawking Technology and more - Maplins has a huge range.
  • Plasma televisions from Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Philips, Daewoo Electrical …
  • Maplins Desktop PC Memory Upgrades, Printer Memory Upgrades
  • Projection TV's from Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Apex Digital … Maplins has literally hundreds of televisions to choose from.
  • TVs, Audio, Home Theater, DVR, DVD Players/Recorders, VCRs, A/V Cables, Remote Controls
  • Plasma TV's from Maplins feature some of the best prices available - buying a plasma TV from Maplins is money wisely spent!

You'll find more than just the best prices at Maplins Website … You'll also find all the top electronics brand-names. Take a look at just some of the top names you'll find online at Maplins Electrical:
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So, whether you're looking for a great deal on a digital TV, or the best price on a Sony DVD camcorder, or any one of a thousand other best-ever prices, you'll find that Maplins Electrical is a great place to start!

Select the following Maplins link to buy electrical components, laptops, cameras and more, at the Maplins UK Website

Buying direct from Maplins saves you money. Maplins cuts amazing deals with manufacturers with the Maplins bulk-buying power and passes on big, big savings to their customers. Maplins customers know they won't find such good deals on Electrical products or such good service at such low prices anywhere else!

The wide array of products on offer at Maplin is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Maplins offers to take advantage of:

Xerox Recycled Pure A4 Paper 500 Sheets ( Xerox Recycled Paper ), at Maplin
A4 80 gm2 500 sheets per ream Xerox Recycled Supreme is manufactured from Post-Consumer waste. De-inked and bleached in a totally Chlorine free TCF process to achieve a high white recycled paper. Comparable to paper produced using primary fibres. Xerox Recycled Supreme gives perfect performance in laser printers and copiers and is compatible with mono inkjet printers.

F Type Compression Plug ( F Compression RG6 75 ), at Maplin
Suitable for radial and compression fit tools Will accommodate RG6 Fast and easy fit Ideal for professional installers An F type connector suitable for compression fit tools allowing an easy and speedy installation of Television cctv and other RF applications.

Blanking Modules Black ( Half Blank plate BK ), at Maplins
Quater and half blanking plates Snap in design 12.5mm by 50mm 25mm by 50mm For use with the Modular faceplate range. Slot in the interchangeable module to offer multiple connection types for your home or office needs.N64JR - Quarter sized blanking plate - black - two in a bag 12.5 x 50mmN65JR - Half sized Blanking plate - black 25 x 50mm

Wireless Mini Navigator Mouse ( W/less Mini Mouse ), at Maplin
Magic Roller for fast browsing updown leftright on the internet and in Windows documents Advanced high-precision 800 dpi optical sensor 27MHz cordless technology - no tiresome cables to struggle with The high-performance RF digital radio technology eliminates any risk of blind spots Reliable and flawless communication with the computer without aiming the mouse directly at the receiver Power -saving switch extends battery life

Murder, Mystery & Masks Triple Pack - PC DVD ( Murder M & Masks TP ), at Maplin
Bundle Includes MURDER Mystery Chronicles Betrayals of Love MYSTERY The Secret Order New Horizon MASKS Shattered Minds Masquerade A trail of gruesome clues leads you to France in your quest to unmask the murderer of a Countess. Track down the missing Count and get to the bottom of the case in this dark hidden object mystery. Sarah Pennington lives in a metropolis ruled by a corrupt government. When an attempt is made on her life Sarahs nephew is there to save her and deliver a message... Sarahs destiny is to follow in her fathers footsteps and return Sunward City to its once prosperous state. A masked magician has summoned a paralysing face-erasing fog And now the notorious Boudreaux family thought to have died long ago in a terrible house fire have returned to take revenge upon the town. Are you daring enough to solve these haunting mysteries

Trust 90W Plug&Go Universal Notebook Power Supply ( Trust 90W AutoTip PS ), at Maplins
Small 90 Watt universal notebook power adapter to use as replacement or secondary power adapter at homeoffice Automatic voltage switching Provides the correct power output to your notebook without manual settings quick safe and simple Equipped with 10 different notebook connectors to assure compatibility with major notebook brands Power output 15-16-19 Volt DC auto select Protected against overload short circuit and overheating High efficient energy saving design for lower energy cost

AD-101 Breadboard ( AD101 Plugblock ), at Maplins
This breadboard will allow prototyping of projects prior to a more permanent assembly solution its ideal for hobbyists students Lab work or by any one who needs to test a circuit. A self-adhesive pad is attached to the rear of the breadboard. Can also be connected to AD-01BZ13P AD-100AG08J AD-102AG10L or other AD-101 blocks. Dimensions 83x52x10mm.

Kemo 10A PWM Power Controller ( PWM Power control ), at Maplins
Operating voltage 9 - 28V DC Max. current carrying capacity 5A or 10A if the module is screwed on a cooling plate Control range approx. 95 Control mode PWM pulse width modulation with a frequency between 10 - 20 kHz Potentiometer 4.7k lin included Permissible loads DC motors incandescent lamps heaters LEDs with protective resistors Current consumption up to max. 10 A in each case Power controller to control direct current loads motors lamps heaters LEDs with protective resistors etc.. Electric motors start well also at low revolutionspeeds because of the employed PWM pulse width modulation.

MFA Bevelled Gearbox ( Bev/Gearbox ), at Maplin
This 11 ratio Bevelled Gear unit has steel gears and 5mm diameter shafts running in ballraces and scintered bronze bearings one ballrace and scintered bronze bearing per shaft. The former act as thrust races protecting the bevel gears from external pressures of varying loads. The housing mouldings are 30 glass filled nylon for strength and have four pre-drilled mounting holes.

iHolder Case Compatible In Car Rotating Holder For Mobile Phones - HTC Sensation ( iHolder Case Compati ), at Maplin
The iHolder car holder is designed to allow you to position your mobile phone or mp3 player in either landscape or portrait modes either on your cars windscreen or the dashboard. The iHolder car holder is a small and discreet windscreen and dash board mount which wont obscure your view of the road. Its designed with a unique ball joint and bracket system which allows you to use the holder on either your cars windscreen or the dashboard. Its rotating bracket allows you to use your device in either landscape or portrait mode which is perfect if you want to use your mobile phone as a sat nav. The holder comes with an adhesive plate which fixes on to your dashboard allowing you to use the car holder either on your windscreen or on your dashboard which makes it perfect if youre using your phone as your Sat Nav whilst driving. With the adjustable swivel bracket you can easily remove the car holder from your windscreen and place it on the dashboard. As the holder uses a ball joint you can position your device at any angle making it easier for your to position your device at a comfortable viewing angle. The suction mount offers a superior grip to whatever surface you apply it to ensuring that your mobile phone wont fall causing damage to your device. The holders extending arm means that it fits the majority of modern devices with or without a case installed so you dont need to keep removing your phone from its case to use it in the car. The opening at the bottom of the holder means you can still access your charging socket or 3.5mm socket at all times. The arms extend to a maximum of 8cm which is enough for all but the largest smartphones. It features soft pads which gently cushion your device whilst its in the holder ensuring that your device will not slip out of the holder but also it wont pick up any scratches whilst its there. Dimension of the pad is approximately 6cm

Assorted LED 80 Piece LED Pack ( LEDs 80Pk ), at Maplins

5MP Film to SD Scanner with 2.4-Inch Screen ( 2.4in Film-SD Scannr ), at Maplin
Capture your memories without the need to connect to a PC 35mm film scanner 35mm mounted slide scanner and 110 slide scanner 2.4-inch TFT LCD display screen 5-megapixel sensor to capture photographs at 2544 x 1696 resolution 1800dpi 48-bit 3600dpi interpolated resolution Scan colour or monochrome film and mounted slides Simple one-button scanning High speed scan and preview 0.5 sec Ensures you never lose image quality once converted to digital files Compatible with SDHC cards up to 32GB TV-out to view photos on your TV USB 2.0 interface for fast image transfer Includes film scanner 35mm slide holder 35mm film holder 110 film holder cleaning brush USB cable TV out cable quick start guide and software CD Dimensions H x W x D 165 x 100 x 96 mm Remember your uncle in those enormous side burns queuing up for the Pink Floyd concert or you in those flapping bellbottom trousers trying to mimic John Travolta On a serious note how about your fathers graduation ceremony or your own christening or your parents wedding Such memories are forever but most of them are locked up in the attic as albums along with the decaying negatives. Every time such topics come up in the family gatherings you wished that those pictures were available readily to be shared with everyone. Life before digital camera was cumbersome but it can be reversed This Film and Slide Digital Scanner scans your old photo negatives and slides and converts them to digital images to be stored and shared easily. Save it in the system or even upload it onto the Web. Show your uncles picture to him and see him slide down the memory lane And show your Travolta act to your wife and wait for her comments Now you can not only share all your old photos and slides with family and friends you can even preserve and cherish them. With Film and Slide scanner the memories dont disappear they simply get digitised

B Grade Heated Massaging Car Seat ( B Grade HtVbCarSeat ), at Maplin
Heated massaging car seat with AC and DC adaptor for in-car or homeoffice Seat gradually emits heat ensuring a cosy comfortable drive Remote control selects the heat function or a selection of massaging programmes Control the speed of the massage and whether the neck back hips or legs get massaged Control the rhythm of massage with many selections including random one part at a time or all of them at once

AMD FX6100 X6 Core 3.3GHz, AM3+ ( AMD FX6100 X6 3.3GHz ), at Maplins
Socket Type - AM3 Wattage - 95 Core Speed - 3600 6 cores 3900 3 cores 64 Bit processor 6 Cores L2 Cache - 6 MB L3 Cache - 8 MB

CIT 600W ATX PC Power Supply ( 600w CIT PSU ), at Maplins
High efficiency 600W PSU 12cm silent cooling fan Dual 12V rails

18 Part Computer Tool Kit ( 18pc Comp Tool Kit ), at Maplin
A multi-purpose computer servicing tool kit Ideal for upgrades and repairs as well as general adjustments and maintenance Spare parts tube Tweezers 3 claw parts retrieverextractor Reverse action tweezers IC inserter 14-16-pin ICs IC extractor 5 inch needle nose pliers with cutting edge 6 inch adjustable wrench 8 inch wire cutter 14 inch flat screwdriver 2 Philips screwdriver 316 inch flat screwdriver 1 Philips screwdriver 18 inch flat screwdriver 0 Philips screwdriver Reversible T10T15 torque driver 316 inch and 14 inch nut drivers Complete with vinyl zipper case

Wrap Deluxe Carry Case ( Wrap Delxe CarryCase ), at Maplins
Lightweight and ergonomic design Semi ridged design offers protection and pliability Suitable for any model of Wrap or iWear model Space available for extra batteries and your mobile phonemedia device 180mm x 77mm x 90mm length x height x depth

iTALKonline 10 Colours ProGel Quad Car Pack - BlackBerry 8520 Curve/9300 3G ( iTALKonline 10 Colou ), at Maplin
The exclusive ProGel Car Drive Pack for your device is all you will need to get started It included 4 items ProGel Soft Skin Case LCD Screen Protector 1224v In Car Charger Rotating Suction Mount Holder.

Network and Telecoms Outlet ( Cat6 & BT Master ), at Maplins
Terminate your network and telephone cabling into one convenient socket Available in secondary and master PABX versions Network connection is deisgned for Cat 5 5e and 6 wiring standards Suits any twisted pair network standard up to gigabit ethernet These great value outlets allow you to terminate your network and telephone cabling into one convenient socket. With versions suited for the home or office these outlets are ideal for installations where space is at a premium. ZQ42 Pack contains 1x Single gang modular wall plate 1x RJ45 Modular Socket 1x PABX Secondary Outlet Modular Socket ZQ43 Pack contains 1x Single gang modular wall plate 1x RJ45 Modular Socket 1x PABX Master Outlet Modular Socket

7-Piece Socket Set 1/2-Inch Drive Imperial ( 7Pc AF Socket Set ), at Maplin
Chrome vanadium square drive imperial hex sockets Contents 38 716 12 916 58 1116 and 34 AF

Hardwood Shaft Warrington Hammer 8oz ( 8oz WarringtonHammer ), at Maplin
Forged steel head cross pein hammer with polished striking face and hardwood shaft

Professional Quality sockets manufactured from chrome vanadium steel hardened tempered and chrome plated for corrosion protection Chamfered end allows positive nut location and entry. Hole for driving accessory with locking pin Professional Quality sockets manufactured from chrome vanadium steel hardened tempered and chrome plated for corrosion protection. Chamfered end allows positive nut location and entry. Hole for driving accessory with locking pin.

Leafy Creatures iPhone Case ( Leafy Creatures iPho ), at Maplins
All silicone design extra screen protection due to raised bezel The adorable Creatures range from Case-Mate has some exciting new additions. This lovable range of cases adds an element of playful fun to the protection of your iPhone. These cute animal inspired cases are eye-catching and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd whatever the occasion.

AVerLife Cinema Mini Media Player ( Averlife Mini Cinema ), at Maplins
DVD-quality playback Play media from your USB drive or MSSDSDHCMMC Cards Simple connection to your TV Includes remote Video Max Resolution HDMI Output up to 720 RMRMVB up to 1024x576 MPEG12 AVI DivX XviD DAT and MOV upto 720x576 Audio MP3OGGWAVM4A Photo JPEJPEGBMPPNGTIFFGIF Output Signal HDMI max 720P Composite Video Audio LR YPbPr AVerLife Cinema - the solution for viewing your media files Video audio or images on your TV from a High Definition Media Player. The AVerLife Cinema has a USB 2.0 interface HDMI Component and Composite RCA connectors and supports a wide variety of the most popular file formats. Just plug in a USB 2.0 hard drive where all your media content is stored turn on your TV and play. AVerLife Cinema lets you enjoy audio video and images with high quality and high speed through your TV screen. It enables you to watch your movie files and photos of your precious memories in high definition something to enjoy with your family and friends in your living room. No longer do you need a stereo or CD player to enjoy your music while you cook chat or party. AVerLife Cinema is the new generation of entertainment centre bridging you and your library of multimedia entertainment. Package Included AVerLife Cinema Weight 140g User Manual Remote Control Batteries Included Power Adapter Composite Cable Component Cable

Nikkai 12V Modified Sinewave 150W Inverter with USB Charging Socket ( 150W Inverter + USB ), at Maplin
Run mains powered equipment direct from your car DC 12V socket Includes a 500mA USB charging port for modern devices Suitable for mobile phones camcorders AV equipment laptops and portable work lights 150 watts continuous power with 450 watts surge Automatic alarm and shutdown protection against overload over temperature and low-battery conditions If you need to run small mains powered equipment up to 150W then the solution is to use this DC 12V to AC 230V power inverter. This portable unit can power devices such as laptops TVs stereos games consoles and more. This unit also boasts a 500mA USB socket that can charge your small electronics devices. The unit connects directly into the vehicles cigarette lighter socket.

Select Office Suite ( Select Office ), at Maplin
The powerful word processing package that gives you all the tools you need to create edit and produce professional documents such as newsletters memos essays invoices and reports Whether youre managing your monthly bills charting sales success or writing up study results SPREADSHEET is the perfect tool for managing your numerical information Create amazing slideshows and incredible presentations using a multitude of professional tools Select Office Suite supports a variety of file formats for importing and exporting your work making it easy to print and share your files. PC Operating System Windows XP Vista Windows 7PC CPU Type and Speed Pentium or equivalent 2.0GHz or fasterHard Drive Space 150MBMemory 512MBPrinter Optional to print documentsInternet Required for product activation

iTALKonline Purple Case, Protector, Car & Mains Charger BlackBerry 8520,9300 ( iTALKonline Purple C ), at Maplin
High Quality SnapGuard Protection Case with LCD Screen Protector 1224V In Car Charger Approved 3 Pin UK Mains Charger They are each made from a special tough material which makes it flexible like a silicone but tougher than a crystal case. As the case is designed specifically for your device the case still allows full access to vital parts of the device. This means even when the device is in its NET case you can still plug in a charger and headphones whilst easily also still being able to take pictures using the camera etc. Additional mains charger for your device perfect for charging your device at work or as a replacement for the original mains charger.

Headphone Cable Tidy - Dachshund For Vodafone945 ( Headphone Cable Tidy ), at Maplin
Take a bite out of messy cables. Put your headphone wires through the legs and wind the cable around the body. Keeps your earphones tidy. Fun novelty design. Great gift for kids and adults.

Corsair Raptor M30 Gaming Mouse ( Raptor M30 Mouse ), at Maplins
Game tuned 4000 DPI optical sensor Highly linear tracking for accurate mouse control in games Six button design Set frequently used in game actions to mouse buttons for faster access On-the-fly DPI adjustment Switch dpi with a single click for tight shots and fast getaways Extra large PTFE glide pads - Low-friction glide pads ensure smooth and precise movements Soft-touch surfaces and rubber grip - Outstanding comfort and control during extended gaming session 1000Hz response rate - Faster polling rate for smoother response to your actual movements 2 year warranty and lifetime access to Corsairs legendary technical support and customer service The Corsair Raptor M30 gaming mouse is designed to provide great performance. The high performance 4000 DPI optical sensor is tuned for accurate linear tracking with no acceleration or predication so every movement translates directly into the game. On-the-fly DPI adjustments six mouse buttons and extra large PTFE glide pads improve your response time for faster shots and quicker escapes. Plus the contoured right-handed design features a comfortable rubber thumb grip and soft-touch finish so you can log the game hours you need to play your best.

Axial Electrolytic Capacitors ( GenElect 100uF 63V ), at Maplins
Axial lead capacitors with values from 1 to 4700andmicroF Axial offer advantages over radial types with PCB height Load life of 2000h at 85anddegC Wide operating range -40 to 85anddegC Leakage current not more than 0.03CV or 4andmicroA

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Maplins Electrical website offers UK customers a vast range of Electrical products online including a constantly updated range of Web exclusives. From Washing Machines, Widescreen TV's to the Latest in Home Computing, Maplins caters for everyone!

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